The Future of Being Human: A Science Course with a Second Life Learning Activity

The Future of Being Human is a State University of New York Empire State College interdisciplinary science course funded by the Charitable Leadership Foundation. The course is offered through the Science, Math and Technology program at the Center for Distance Learning. The Second Life Activity is an immersive, interactive discovery experiment, in which students enter the transformation station, transform shapes, and are both transported to different worlds and guided through a range of activities using a HUD [heads up display].

  • SL Project Concept and Design: Ragitake Takakura and Talarus Luan
  • SL Project Team: Ragitake Takakura, Merapi Praga, Talarus Luan
  • Course Author, Sciences: Merapi Praga (Audeliz Matias in Real Life)
  • Course Author, Philosophy of Science, Media and Technology: Ragitake Takakura (Nicola Marae Allain in Real Life)
  • Course Author , Mathematics: Enda Indigo (Betty Lawrence in Real Life)
  • Course Author , Genetics: Veronika Mimulus (Mary Mawn in Real Life)

Ragitake Takakura